Heather Romney is a interactive designer and artist living in Salt Lake City. She received her BFA in Photography & Digital Imaging from the University of Utah in 2014. Her photography and illustration work has been featured in local galleries and periodicals. In 2014, she won a Platinum Hermes Creative Award for her design and photography work on an online multimedia campaign.

Heather’s goal is to use art not as a means for catharsis, but rather as a process of achieving understanding of the nature of emotion itself. For her, the means of expressing this understanding of thought, emotion, and the inner illusion/reality that our mind creates and perpetuates in the form of anxiety, depression, attachment, and happiness is the ultimate essence. This essence is precisely our mental outlook on the world.


“As a new designer, it is important to get critical feedback from your peers. Heather was not only brilliant at designing and coding, she was great at leading the design team. Whenever there was an issue within the queue, she was able to resolve the problem immediately. Heather was firm and gave me the feedback I needed to grow as a designer. She was a problem solver and was eager to resolve design problems within the company. I honestly could not have asked for a better lead.”

Tina Truong – UX Product Designer at